Kiln fixing

I recently picked up an old beat and battered electric kiln. The upside? I just got a kiln – the downside? It needs some work. The softbrick that lines the inside of a kiln in this case is broken in some places. This means I will have to disassemble the kiln from the outside in order to rearrange the bricks and replace any broken ones that will cause issues when firing.

Older Electric Kiln - To Buy Or Not To Buy - Studio Operations and Making  Work - Ceramic Arts Daily Community

There are some clear electrical issues with the kiln as well which I will have to sort out when I get to them. The positive side of all this is that I found a free kiln that’s in overall near-mint condition. It hasn’t been used much at all even though is practically a vintage piece!

I look forward to documenting the repair process and with any luck I’ll be running my very first kiln sooner rather than later.

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