Last Bit of Practice

Hi everyone, I want to share this last bit of practice I’ve been working on these past few days before the fall semester starts. This summer I have been using my time to practice digital drawing since I feel it is an important skill to learn as an illustrator. I’ve been working with the program Clip Studio Paint and I learn more every time I draw something new. For this drawing I used the 3D poses included in the program. I found that they are very helpful for artists learning about how to pose figures, like me.

For this drawing I wanted to continue with my Pokemon theme that I talked about last week. I wanted to explore by drawing a Pokemon trainer and his Pokemon, I chose to draw Vulpix. For Vulpix, I used the proportions of a fox. I hope I can draw more of these Pokémon illustrations. I can see myself getting better and that makes me happy. Always practice your skills and never stop drawing!

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