League of Legends Splash Art

Video games are more popular now than they have ever been before. There are all types of consoles, genres, and player modes today, and there is a game for everyone! What might attract someone to a video game might be graphics, engine quality, or lore. Some games have astonishing character design and game art that it instantly catches the eye of the viewer. League of Legends is one of those games that uses well illustrated character splash art to promote the games reputation, business, and play experience. League of Legends has many different artist they commission for their splash art and the one I want to highlight today is Alvin Lee.

Alvin Lee is one of the many illustrators that League of Legends works with. His work can be identified by the exaggerated forced perspective that he implements into the characters of the video game. Alvin will either sketch a concept of the splash art on paper or on a computer drawing program and then digitally trace over the sketch to create the line art. Corrections are made if need and coloring, shading, and highlight follow after. The characters are almost always set in a background that matches the mood, and lore of the character.

The digital illustrations he does are in a resolution that fits the computer screen well enough to be used as wallpapers. The splash is very pleasing to examine and it is one of the made reasons players will purchase the character designs. I love the way he presents his characters in their environment it feels so natural to me. I hope guys enjoyed learning about this artist!

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