Let Summer Begin!

Hello lovelies! Wow did spring semester fly by! Have no fear, you can still expect my weekly graphic design blog posts every week this summer! Once the Spring 19 semester concluded I cleared out my email during my annual cleaning. It just so happened that I got an email in my inbox the other day from PANTONE, and oh boy am I excited to talk to you about the summer color trends. This summers trends are heavily driven by the future and the idea of colors that make you feel empowered.

The colors are bright, and vibrant which perfectly describes summer! Most of the tones are warm just like the summer sun that we can expect in 2019. In addition to PANTONES color of the year, Living Coral

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral

I am excited to create some designs with the colors Princess Blue (19-4150),

PANTONE 19-4150 Princess Blue

Aspen Gold(13-0850),

PANTONE 13-0850 Aspen Gold

Pink Peacock(18-2045)

PANTONE 18-2045 Pink Peacock

and Pepper Stem(17-0542). 

PANTONE 17-0542 Pepper Stem

Now that I have some free time, I planned on starting the Artist’s way journey once again. The Artist’s Way is written by the bestselling author Julia Cameron. The course is free, minus the workbook. It is a 12 week commitment, and I know what you are thinking… who has that much time on their hands? Yes it is a commitment, however the outcomes I have heard are life changing and worth the commitment. To be completely honest, I attempted the course last semester, and unfortunately I was not able to complete it because I did not have the time to commit to the course. Now that I am starting a full time job, I figured now is the perfect time to actually complete the adventure. Stay tuned to hear about my discoveries on this journey! 

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