Let’s Be Artists

So in honor of the beginning of Summer, for all of us college students, I wanted to reflect on my year and embrace what’s to come. This year, in particular, has been full of growth…personal, emotional, spiritual and artistic. I was faced with many challenges, as most college students are with our insane schedules. I have to say, though, through all the hardships I faced, and all the moments I was knocked down just hoping I could get back up, I learned so much about myself as a person and an artist. For starters I finally feel comfortable with giving myself that title…artist. It has a nice ring to it. After all I have learned on both an artistic and intellectual level, I truly feel I have the ability to bring an emotionally creative edge to my life, and that of others.

Because a huge part of my life is ending and I am gearing up for a well-needed break, I wanted to encourage both myself and my readers to be free. Be free to allow yourself to relax and recoop from the stress of the year. Breathe in the warm summer air, feel the cool splash of ocean water and dive head first into your own creative ideas. Use this freedom to grow creatively. Only good things can come from throwing around and catching ideas. Let them run free. That being said, let’s welcome summer, let’s be creative, and let’s be artists.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Artists

    1. I think, for an artist, our work really never stops. We always have an idea or 10 swirling in our brains. As for someone taking a different path their work may stop when the work day stops; but for an artist it’s constant.

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