Life With Bees

Unfortunately, I could not go to the high school this week due to them having “Act 80 Friday”, my only day off during the week but I still plan to go back with my art work in a few weeks. I did however go home and did lots of school work and hang out with my dad.

My dad is a bee keeper and I sometimes help him out. It was so nice this weekend that the bees can actually come out but unfortunately most of our bee hives have died due to cold weather. We checked on 4 bee hives and none of them survived but hopefully the rest will. Learning about bees is very interesting to me and trying to find the queen in the bee hives is very stressful but amazing once when she is found. The pictures of the bottom are my dad and I checking up on the bees and a painting I made of a honey bee for my dad.

Other then doing a bunch of school work, I am thinking about applying to become a SAC Shadow. Helping out with the Students Activities Crew for almost two semesters has been really fun and the people are great to work with so I would love to continue working with them.

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