Light Found

Well, the semester is finally over and nothing is going on at school except I found a couple rolls of film that I didn’t know I had. So Christmas is coming early! There is nothing better than finding film like that. Got my grades and earned all A’s except one B, and was totally shocked when I got the B. I was expecting nothing less than an A, with all the extra work I put in. Well, I guess I just need to be thankful for the opportunity to grow.

Holiday shopping is so much fun to see how people react. I am so glad this is such a joyous season (Sarcasm). Some of these shoppers could star in the NFL with the moves they make to get through traffic. It was if they were turning to the dark side. Not me I was just having fun, yes I am the guy in the passing lane doing barely the speed limit. OK one more final rant! Having your eyes dilated stinks. I wanted to see Star Wars today but my eyes are all messed up. It is like the dark side is forever controlling my destiny.

Here are a couple photographs from the “Lost Archives of Ty Mah”.


I will finish up with a great quote by my favorite photographer.


“Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships.” – Ansel Adams





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