Light in Heels

Europe Rant

Italians walk or ride their bikes everywhere, we think of these things as exercise. They don’t think, they just walk a billion miles a day and not even think about it. Why am I saying this? A couple friends and I went hiking along the small coastal town of Piombino. This was a mountain type terrain around the coast with tall cliffs (see my main photo). After hiking for a couple hours up and down all these hills, we were getting tired. There were a lot of locals just out walking for whatever reason. I happened to notice one woman who was hiking in high heels! And she was just walking around like it was nothing! Made me realize as a culture we can be lazy sometimes. But I would much rather believe that these people are bat crap crazy instead of evaluating our fitness levels. I haven’t driven a car since January, not sure if I miss it either. I do, however, miss the ease in which we can get from place to place without any thought or planning.

Here are a few random photos of things. This is some of the crew at my coffee shop, my second home. I don’t know what I am going to do with out my Italian coffee when I get back to the states. The next photo is from the Easter celebration I was stuck in last week. I love the people around the Domo, and this is my walk everyday.

SACI Class Update

Black & White Photography
Getting down to the last few prints of my project “Let Light Live.” I have also been experimenting with different alternative printing such as liquid light emulsion and continuous-tone Lith film.

Color Documentary Photography
I think I am finished shooting my Documentary of the Arno River. Now the many hours editing and sorting will begin!

Digital Multimedia
ZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzz must get through this class!

Started filming our documentary on Luca Bessoni, an Italian artist. There is so much involvement to make a documentary, the amount of work we are doing is crazy!

Art History
Got my topics for my research paper. I really hate doing papers. I would much rather have a test/quiz. If you been following my blog posts or are my editor then you know my struggle with forming sentences and grammar structure.

To my Zeta Omicron Friends: Great job on the Empty Bowls project and the money they raised for meals on wheels! Wish I could have been there with you guys!

Weekly quote~

“The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance. Each performance differs in subtle ways”. ~ Ansel Adams

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