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This week I want to show a little bit of my campus, and some of the classes that photographers are taking at Marywood. I am using My GI Bill to go to Marywood. Lauren Williams is our Veteran Representative. She is Awesome. If you are a veteran and want to take classes, just give her a call, and she makes it so easy to get you enrolled.

Sam2051Your first year is your foundation year. This year you take Basic Photography. Sam Olfano (Yoda) will be your advisor. That’s Yoda in the photograph; you will be spending a lot of time in that office. The man has entirely too much knowledge about photography!!!  Yes that is a lot of exclamations.

2D & 3D are fun classes. We learned a lot about art. Color, line, shape, space, and all the other fundamentals are taught. We had some great projects that made us stretch our imagination. The only bad thing was no graham crackers, milk, and a nap!

Then there was our Painting class.  I had the pleasure to learn from Steven Alexander. He got me to see color differently. I know that sounds silly, but trust me, this helped me on my quest of finding light in my photographs.

You also get to take all those other classes like English, math, and science, along with a lot of art history classes. I was surprised on how much I enjoyed these classes. My photo history class was one of my all time favorites. Looking back on the history of photographers, and how they shaped and changed the art community, it really inspires me. They captured time, places, and light, and brought them into your homes.


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