Lilacs And Watercolor

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Lilac Festival at Highland Park in Rochester, NY. The lilacs were beautiful and accompanied by many other flower bushes and trees, including cherry blossoms and tulips. I was able to explore the park for the first time surrounded by bright and beautiful pinks and violets along with the sweet scent of lilacs filling the air. The park even had a nice conservatory where there were upwards of 20 turtles!

While walking the grounds of Highland Park I was kicking myself for not bringing my sketchbook to try and capture some of the flower and fauna around me. However I do not enjoy drawing landscapes or nature with just a pencil, I’d much rather paint it. This then got me to thinking about how I would go about painting these plants – watercolors.

I think that watercolor is a good medium, preferred medium in my case, when wanting to do a quick study of nature or a landscape and especially when studying flowers. The delicateness of the medium compliments the delicateness of the petals on the flowers and it dries quick enough for a brief study.

I haven’t been painting or drawing much as of late, but this brief reflection reminded me of the different ways I can practice my skills and I plan to go around my yard, as a start, and paint some of the plants found around my home.

Until next week!

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  1. Love this! A friend of mine who is an artist used to carry around a pocket watercolor set with a small pocket watercolor pad. Would be something cool to check out ! 💜glad you enjoyed the lilac festival! Hope to see you this summer at the cottage.

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