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Europe Rant

No Europe rant this week, just I got an email saying our uploaded and unused blog pictures are taking up too much space on the WordPress server. I have been doing the blog for over a year now and I can imagine all the photos that I have shared since the beginning have added up. So I went back and deleted all the old photos from my blog [NOTE FROM EDITOR: HE WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO DELETE IMAGES THAT WERE UPLOADED BUT NEVER USED, NOT DELETE IMAGES THAT WERE USED IN PRIOR POSTS]. Going forward, I am limited to three photographs per post. SMH that is like telling Leonardo he has to paint with one color. This will be quite the challenge; I am in one of the most picturesque places to take pictures. There isn’t a day that goes by that me and Josie (My voodoo black magic Digital Camera) aren’t taking pictures. As of today I have been in Italy for 20 days and my shutter count is giganormous.

Here is a picture of the small barrel of wine I claimed for me! Students from Marywood with me here at SACI, Katie (fellow Zeta) and Katie.

SACI Class Update

Black & White Photography
More darkroom and more shooting film, I am trying to use the old Tom Sawyer approach on some of the basic photography people to get them to develop my ever growing giganormous pile of 35mm film.

Digital Multimedia
Lost in the city project is all finished. Actually, no it is not, now that I have shot over 200 photographs of graffiti, and so I had to spend most of Saturday and Sunday working with Photoshop’s evil dark magic big brother Premier Pro. At least Friday we went to Bologna for the Artfietse. Artfietse is one of the biggest art shows in Tuscany. Met a lot of photographers there and saw their work. My note pad is full of ideas and information! Oh I owe you the story of the graffiti in the Tunnels. Ok real quick.

  1. Tunnels under tracks = only place to cross
  2. Tunnels = drugs, crime and filth.
  3. Salvatore homeless guy does not like this!
  4. Salvatore cleans up the place, paints the walls white, and invites young artists to paint Murals.
  5. Police arrest Homeless Salvatore.
  6. People are not happy and feel less secure about the tunnels
  7. People sign petition and have him released
  8. Tunnels are beautiful again
  9. THE END

Baroque and Italian Art History
More lectures but field trip to Rome coming up!

More Video work (Not work this is fun acting and developing stories)

Color Photography
Nothing new to add here, move along

Ciao till next week…

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Weekly quote~

“I don’t know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.” ― Ansel Adams

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