Liquid Color

I saw this video on Facebook of people soaking string in different mediums, placing it on top of a piece of paper within a notebook, then closing it and pressing down on it while pulling the screen out. During one part of this video, someone even uses this technique on a pair of jeans. Although I don’t know the name for this kind of art, it is a very unique and abstract technique.

Here is the Video along with screenshots from it: Liquid Color

So, I got some string and started to soak the string. I was really nervous to do this because I feel like it would be my luck to mess this up and just create a color wet mess within my sketch book.

I only had some craft paint so I used that with water to make it easier to work with. Some came out ok and some are a mess but I think if I used different mediums it would of turned out better. In the comments of the video, some people used ink. Unfortunately, I do not have ink with me right now but maybe in the weeks to come I will come back to this and try it with different mediums!

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