Little Friends of Printmaking

Hello everyone! This week I will be talking about one of my favorite printmaking small business. I follow them on Instagram and they call themselves “Little Friends of Printmaking” which is an adorable title. They specialize in screen printing and illustrations and they upload videos of how they make there prints which is educational and fun! Located in California, artists JW and Melissa Buchanan both work daily to up keep with demand and are still currently accepting commissions. From posters to T-shirts they have a diverse portfolio of printmaking.

One of their pieces I especially like is this fun anatomy guy. I like all things spooky and since October is just around the corner I found it appropriate to talk about him. Screen printing will use multiple different colors of ink stacked on top of each other to create and unique and interesting images. The paper is mounted under the screen, and the screen has opening is certain places to focus the ink. The ink is then swiped around the screen and the excess is swiped off. The screen is lifted reveling the images on the paper below. Repeating the process and changing the screens with create a pleasant piece of art.

Personally I have not had the pleasure to screen print but I have done linocuts and wood cuts and I love the art of printmaking as a whole. I’m excited to updated y’all on new printmakers you haven’t heard or seen before for this fall semester! Until next time.

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