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Figure Drawing has been one of my favorite classes at Marywood due to my strong connection with the human figure. Every time I go to draw the figure I’m confident that I have the human form down. I know how this hand should look when twisted in a way and how the eye should be drawn in a profile, the use of harsh and soft shadows and their interaction with negative space to form the shapes. But Drawing the figure is the sort of subject where you learn something new every time you draw it, and not just something new but something helpful and worthy of noting since it can be applied to other subjects.

So I was a bit disappointed that my figure drawing classes had been taken early on in my studies at Marywood. I wanted to experiment with the figure now that I had spent a few years drawing and had more experience. Looking at online reference is boring and the advice of having your friends pose for you is great but not when your friends don’t like getting their picture taken or turn down the idea if you ask to do anything other than just sit.

So for anyone who enjoys live drawings I’m sharing the information on AFA  Gallery (Artist for Art) which I’ve found out about a year ago.

AFA Gallery offers a life drawing session every third Tuesday of the month. The event is a two-hour self-guided sessions with a nude model for artist of all experience levels. This is a great opportunity for artists to improve their observational drawing skills as well as get a better understanding of the human form at a minimal cost. If you plan on attending you have to bring your own materials, sketchbook, pad, pens, pencils, charcoal, etc. The gallery will  provide easels, chairs and tables.

The cost of the event is: $2.00 for students, $5.00 for members and $7.00 for general admission. The time of the event is always from 7 to 9pm. The following dates are the Tuesdays of each month that the live drawing sessions will occur:

October 16
November 20
December 20

For more information you can contact: or 570-969-1040.

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  1. Hard to see where to post this: the craft in your hand drawing above is delightful! Do you have a specific master teacher or style you are using? Or is this your intuition leading you on that?

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