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New York Fashion Week is coming to a close and there is no better way to end it than with a Marc Jacobs show. Season after season he never disappoints and since his departure at Louis Vuitton, his namesake label just keeps getting better and better. Each time Jacobs make sure his presentations are cohesive, artistic, inspired, and most of all, sculptural.

I could write a whole book about the praises I have for Marc and his creations, but that’s not why I am writing this post. I have chosen this specific event to talk about fashion as art. Many might disagree with this, but what is fashion if not a wearable sculpture? A blank canvas to paint on? To print upon? Fashion is a medium, if you will, that has absolutely limitless possibilities. It touches upon the most important fundamentals of art and drives them home by turning clothing into a fantasy.

This specific collection speaks volumes about all of those things and makes a powerful argument for fashion being a form of art. This show was loaded with inspiration from the late, and great, Miss Diana Vreeland. She plays the role of muse as Marc imaginatively created 54 beautiful looks that echoed her presence, leaving those in the audience nostalgic for the days of her editorial reign at Vogue. Each look was unique and completely artistic and full of high craft. The show had an amazing build-up starting with the black checked sheath dresses embellished with huge bands of bugle beads and ending with embroideries that looked like digitalized and pixelated portraits of the eccentric Vreeland.

Everything; the metallic brocades, leopard prints, chevroned mink, grommeted leather, it was all breath-taking. Each model walked brilliantly to a powerfully dark, classical beat and strutted their stuff in what could only be considered wearable sculpture. The shows atmosphere created a fantasy and payed the ultimate homage to art, craft, and an exceptional woman.

Artist and designers go hand in hand and both strive to achieve the same goals. We create dreams that are to be lived in, or with. We create an escape from the monotony of harsh realities. We bring to life things that people don’t need. To quote the famously quotable Vreeland, as artists we are here to give what others never knew they wanted. Isn’t that what being an artist is all about?

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