Living Picture

Over spring break the assignment I had for my art history class was to make a tableaux vivant, or “living picture”, of a famous painting. This means I had to attempt to recreate the poses, setting, and costumes that appear in the famous painting of my choice and photograph it. I really enjoyed this project and had a lot of fun recruiting friends, family, and even my dog to use as models. I liked it so much that I actually made two different ones.

The first was modeled after Lady With an Ermine, by Leonardo da Vinci. In this one I convinced my sister to pose for me. Getting this image was very challenging because my dog would not sit still, also I had to tape my sisters hair to the side of her head that is not in the picture. She was not very happy with me about that. The second one was modeled after The Art of Painting, by Vermeer. For this one I had to really get creative with costumes. The hat I am wearing is actually a rolled up t-shirt, and the bow on my friends head is actually a first place horse riding ribbon that I borrowed from my sister.

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