Local Specials: The Merpug

If you are ever in East Hanover, New Jersey and you so happen to go to the PetSmart of that town, in the back of the parking lot you will find a magnificent creature. I first noticed this handsome specimen a couple months into my employment at PetSmart when I drove to the back of the lot where the animal shelter is located. Facing the animal shelter on the west side of the entrance is an ever watchful guardian, the Merpug. The reason why I named this glorious guy “Merpug” is obviously because his is half mermaid and half pug, a fairly popular breed of dogs. He is a diligent sentinel always present at his post, welcoming all who enter the animal shelter. He grants visitors good fortune when finding a companion and reassures the shelter animals are that they will find loving homes.

When I first laid my eyes on him I was struck with awe by his charisma and charm. The Merpug stands at measly two-feet tall on his own. That’s not nearly enough height for him to properly survey his surroundings. The good folks at the animal shelter had the foresight to give him a pedestal to sit on so he can properly guard the parking lot. Covering Mr. Merpug’s exterior is a healthy layer of fish scales made from blue-marbled ceramic pieces. The face of the Merpug, the ridges going down his back, and the fins on his sides are painted on with a glossy finish. After many years of vigilant watch, his tail fin has given slightly to decay. Perhaps this is a better look for the Merpug, like a silent golem that stands against the erosion of time.

It has been three years since first noticed Mr. Merpug. I am unsure exactly when he was installed but it’s likely that he has been around for far longer than I’ve been working there. The artist of this piece is unknown, but a sculpture with this amount of beauty and grace could’ve only been made by a master. I truly appreciate this sculptor who has blessed me with the existence of this magnificent statue.

You can find my friend, the Merpug, in front of the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover. Unfortunately, his efforts have yet to be acknowledged on their webpage but he would much prefer you take a look at the pets available for adoption. Thank you for reading my blog!

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