Looking Ahead

As an Off Campus blogger for Where Creativity Works I have some planned trips coming up that I am pretty excited for.

Towards the end of October I will be going to NYC again with the art department here at Marywood University. I plan on going to a few new galleries and museums that I haven’t been to but want to explore.

Another event that I am excited to attend and hopefully will be able to attend is in November going into Philadelphia to a Ceramics Contemporary Craft Show. Since I am in Basic Ceramics now, I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what other pottery is being made out there in the world. Plus I have never been to the city of Philadelphia for a whole day. I’ve always driven through it but never actually stopped and spent time in the city. So that is something new and exciting that I am looking forward too. Can’t wait to tell all about the trips in my upcoming blog posts!

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