Looking Back

This week I got sick and had to go home for a while. I missed a bunch of classes and was not able to make any artwork , so for this post I am going to talk about the work I made during the month of October.

This past October I took part in Inktober. This means that I challenged myself to create one ink drawing for each day of the month. The challenge does have an official prompt list for each day, but I chose to come up with my own theme to work from because I wanted to make a more coherent series. I ended up choosing a circus theme and made 31 different circus characters for my sketchbook.

The challenge is meant to be done in only ink, but I think I would loose my mind if I didn’t use any paint for an entire month. For this reason almost all of my Inktober pieces ended up as mixed media. They all use some form of ink if you look close, but many of them also use watercolor or acrylic paint. I also love using all different kinds of paper so I used a lot of different toned paper and watercolor paper along with my normal sketchbook paper.

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