Looking For Inspiration

These past days I’ve really been needing a break from art and all sorts of things related to it. My mind just wants to break away from it, perhaps to grow its way back to the love of creating. Lately I found myself too wrapped up in the business of it all, so I was feeling jaded when it came to art of any sort.

My first attempt was to draw and paint things that were different than I normally made. I did watercolors of oceans or in my sketchbook painted landscapes from Pinterest. Though fun, I found myself not finding things I wanted to paint. Nothing inspired me. I know that artists shouldn’t wait for inspiration, but I just needed something different. Something different for me means not forcing something out, but instead feeling myself out.

Luckily, I was invited by my boyfriend’s family over to Bethel Woods. I got to visit Woodstock, as well as explore the woods around their home, and play with some dogs. I visited the Woodstock museum, where I got to see prints of old posters, and painted buses. I got to see the field where the concerts were held, the green grass cut to have a peace sign pattern.

The field woodstock was held in

The woods were beautiful too, green and bright. They were silent except for the sounds of birds. No people made noise nearby, cars barely passed by, the night was filled with crickets. I didn’t even have a signal for wifi or data at all!

Some woods

Over all it was very rejuvenating. I saw different things with different meanings than I normally did. I spent time in different places. I walked different paths. In the end it was something I needed. I’m very happy to have gone. Hopefully this is the push I needed to help me create something new I’d never done before. Sometimes you just need to turn everything off so that you can start brand new!

A border collie

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