Making a Children’s Book Part 2

Hey everyone! Although everything is going a bit crazy right now, I am going to continue my life like I do everyday. This week I am working on my children’s book project. I thought everything was done on it when I sent it to be published by and It was beautiful when I got it in the mail! When I was looking at the book and I realized that I messed up the layout. The way my book is designed is that some of the illustrations go across the page, which is called a spread illustration. Unfortunately some of the illustrations were in the gutter of the book

I used a layout provided by that was an Indesign plugin. The layout had guides on the pages to mark where the page art should be. The problem I had was that I didn’t follow to guides.

Here is a picture of the old layout, I thought that I had to just place the image on the template and that it would print fine.

I have fixed the layout, and I hope I followed the template provided by Blurb correctly. On their template they have guides that mark off what they call “Safe Art Boundary”. I split up all of my drawings down the middle. I checked that all of the art lines up correctly before I sent the file to to get printed again.

Here is the same picture in the new layout.

I will update everyone with the progress of the book once it gets published,

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