Making Traditional Italian Treats

During this time of social isolation, my family had taken to one thing that brings us all joy… cooking. My Nonna (grandmother) is living with us for the time being, and so we’ve been trying out some of her traditional recipes from Italy.

My Nonna is from a city in the south of Italy called Naples. One of the traditional snacks of Naples is graffe. Graffe are fried, potato based, donuts that are lemony and covered in sugar. Needless to say, they’re pretty tasty.

In addition to having a great snack, I also took it upon myself to photograph the process of making the graffe, from shaping them to frying them. I took the photos using the Fuji xt30, a camera I got a couple months ago that has proven to be well worth the price as the quality of the pictures is great. I highly recommend this model to anyone who is looking for a compact, great quality camera that they can take with them on a day out. On one final note, make sure to stay safe, healthy, and to wash your hands!

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