Marywood’s Print Guild

Hello everyone. I want to talk about the Print Guild collection in the Nazareth Center Cafeteria. The artwork has been up for about 3 years. The artwork is a collection from faculty, students, and alumni. One of the cases displays work from typography classes including hand lettering. The other two cases display work from the Print Guild that was organized by Peter Hoffer, Director of the Printmaking Program. Normally 20 to 24 artists take part and create an edition using printmaking techniques, like etching, screen printing, lithography, photography, or relief.

The Marywood University Print Guild originated in 2003 under the direction of Peter Hoffer. The guild was created to enable art faculty and students to create, trade, and promote quality. There will be a Print Guild show will be on October 5th, 2 to 5pm in the Kresge Gallery. Visitors can attend a gallery walkthrough and a discussion with guild members at 3pm.

Here is a link to visit Marywood’s Print Guild to see past collections :

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