Maya Civilization

Hello everyone! In my current studies, we are exploring the Maya. The Maya are a civilization that resided in Mexico and Central America, dating all the way back to 1000 B.C.E.. The ancient Maya carried on with their beliefs and lifestyle up until the 16th century with the invasion of Europe. There are still small groups throughout Central America that speak the language and follow the cultural beliefs.

The Maya had developed a highly detailed and complex writing system, that has taken modern scholars decades to even attempt to decipher. This writing system is known as glyphs, which are pictorial symbols. The language is logo syllabic, meaning it consists of glyphs that are either entire words or syllables. Glyphs were placed to decorate public buildings, temples and palaces, which provide knowledge of dates, rituals and names.

Maya Glyphs, Writing System and Languge Vector Design on Black Background |  Glifos mayas, Glifos, Aztecas dibujos

As the Maya gained its territory through war and conquest, they developed small independent kingdoms that were controlled by a divine lord. Three major Maya cities are Palenque, Copan and Tikal. There was political and economic rivalry between Maya lords. This rivalry started when lords wanted ultimate control over the trade routes, which meant they needed to acquire more territory. The more power a lord desired, the more war and blood shed was bound to happen.

US funding will aid restoration at Palenque archaeological site

The Maya were known for their amazing architecture skills. The structures ranged from temples, palaces, pyramids, residences, and courts. Each site was meant to portray the power and wealth of its specific ruler. Many Maya cities had a central ceremonial site that acted as a religious hub for the religious practices. Ruler would demonstrate their power through religious ceremonies to show their connection and devotion to the gods.

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