Mead Schaeffer

One of my favorite American Illustrators is Mead Schaeffer.


Born in 1898, he became a notable Golden Age Illustrator crafting mesmerizing pieces. Harvey Dunn, a famous illustrator was one of his teachers for which he was majorly influenced by. As a young man he created work for classic novels, including Moby Dick. As his name became known, Schaeffer commissioned for the Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, and other big name companies. During the Second World War, he illustrated depictions of the American military. Norman Rockwell was also friends with him as well. Mead passed away in 1980, leaving behind a legacy for illustrators to come.

I admire his ability of the spectrum of themes that he is able to illustrate. From sailors, everyday life, landscapes, cowboys, and dozens more topics. To be able to capture all of these accurately and flawlessly is something to reach for.

Moby dick
An Illustration from Moby Dick
Blue Roadster
Blue Roadster – 1941
Jungle Commando – 1942
Beach Bonfire – 1950
The Chisholm Trail – 1946

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