Medical Slap Art

Medical Art Therapy is a different type of art therapy used in hospitals with their patients. Our directive taught to the class on Thursday was directed toward younger children in hospitals and allowing art to be their escape from their pain. Our slap art directive was geared toward young children using safe medical supplies to get more familiar with them as they are surrounded by them everyday.

In Medical Slap Art, art materials such as paper, acrylic paint, and sand were combined with safe medical supplies like rubber gloves, band-aids, and gauze pads to complete our pieces. Rubber gloves were full of sand and tied together, dipped in paint (or painted over with brushes) and slapped onto the paper! After each individual scene felt completed, it was a choice for us to add gauze pads with a band-aid over top of it to create butterflies. I was unsure what exactly the directive was when the materials were placed around the tables, but this source of stress relief and creativity was definitely needed. Each of the creations made all were unique and very different from the rest of the class.

If you look closely, you can see the made butterflies with bandages and gauze! Some of the processing question asked to the class after the directive were, “Did these materials familiarize you with medical supplies?”, “Was there any sort of relief while doing this directive?”, and “Did the colors you used create a certain feeling for you?” After group discussion, it was noted that this directive was a great source of relief of stress, frustration, anger, etc. Although when used in the hospital, it must depend on the patient’s dexterity and strength. A lot of great intentions were put forth in this directive and definitely can go a long way for a child coped in a hospital room!

Featured Image: [Another example of slap art!]

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