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Jobs/Internships Spotlight: Emmanuel Adjei

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing aspiring graphic designer Emmanuel “Manny” Adjei, a talented junior graphic design student with a knack for hand lettering. Manny has been involved with graphic design since high school and decided to take his talents to Marywood in the hopes of developing his skills even further. This semester he’s doing work study for the graphic design department, which will help him learn new skills and create projects for his portfolio.

Manny AdjeiMe: What are your future goals in terms of internships or jobs you could see yourself doing?

Manny: I see myself working as an apparel designer at a company like Urban Outfitters but my dream job is working at Google.

Me: Why graphic design?

Manny: Graphic design to me is one of the best things to major in, because it’s applied to everything in our daily life.

Me: When did you decide you wanted to take that route?

Manny: I graduated from an Architecture and Design high school so choosing a major wasn’t very difficult but I had lots of options to choose from. I knew I wanted to be a designer after my first graphic design class my senior year in high school.

Me: Any current projects you are working on?

Manny: I’m currently working on a lot of projects! I’m working on my “365 Day Project”, which means I do a design a day for an entire year. I use Instagram as a platform for my work. Another exciting project that I’m working on along with other Marywood students is my second art exhibit. We did our first exhibit last year entitled “Genesis”. It was a huge success so we decided to do another one this year.

Me: Of all your accomplishments in design, what would you say you are most proud of?

Manny: Uh… That’s a tough one. But I’ll have to say my art exhibit last year. It was a great experience, I was exposed to managing a project and budget and directing an art show. Also working with other student artists was like a preparation for the real world.

Me: As a designer, what would your best advice be to someone looking at it as a potential major?

Manny: It’s not an easy major as people often describe it, but it’s very fun once you get the hang of things. If you’re really passionate about it then I would advise you to get exposed to a lot of different art forms and artists, because once you know the rules its easier to break them.


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