Melting Pot

Welcome back everyone! I am retouching a topic I started early. I told you I would update you with the work I continue to create for the Melting Pot rebranding. The most recent thing we did was the menus and other business items. I wanted to show you my menus and coasters.

We created take out menus and the main menus for the business. I love how the color palette I choose, continues to work. It was a lot of fun to work with a lot of typography. Pairing fonts and finding the best font is something I LOVE.

Here is my menu: 


Here are some of my coasters: 


Working on this redesign has been a lot of fun. I am always learning something new. Along with that there has been a lot of mistakes and successes that have taught me a lot. I don’t want to show you all of it together yet. Just piece by piece I will reveal until you see the business collateral as a whole.

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