Memorial Jewelry Pt. 2

Hello! As a continuation of our journey into memorial jewelry, I wanted to take a look at Victorian hair jewelry. The use of hair in memorabilia existed far before the Victorian era, but that period is where it became very popular due to the sentimentality and popularity of art during this time. It also evolved into more complex and delicate jewelry pieces.

Hair jewelry consists of jewelry that incorporates someone’s hair into it in some way. Often this is done through weaving, braiding, or arranging the hair into intricate patterns. The hair of deceased loved ones is the most popular type used in this art, but it could also be done with the hair of a child, partner, or parent.

Hair is unique in that unlike most of the parts of the body, it possesses chemicals that can prevent it from decaying for hundreds of years. It is also typically regarded as an important and extremely personal part of someone’s identity and physical appearance. This makes it a suitable part of a person to use in memorial art from bracelets worn by two lovers to brooches memorializing a late loved one.

Here are some more examples of this incredible jewelry process!

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