This week I was working on some painting because I bought a large pack of canvases a few weeks ago. In the upcoming weeks it will be one of my best friend’s birthday and I thought that I could paint her a picture for her wall. I have never given anyone a painting for a gift before, usually because I only paint if I have to, haha.

Well she has this cat, his name is Ollie, and she is obsessed with him. She dresses him up and and puts little shirts on him. The poor cat—he absolutely hates it! He freezes and won’t move anywhere. It’s kind of funny but I know he really hates it. So I thought that I could paint her a picture of a cat! I thought this would be awesome and she could hang it up on her wall. The only problem is that she has specific colors in her room and if something doesn’t match she won’t hang it up! So I figured that I could do it in black and white, that way I have the highest chance of it matching and that she will actually hang it up. And, if she doesn’t like it I will just keep it haha it doesn’t matter I still love it.

Well I went on Pinterest to find some kind of cat to be my model and to be honest I doubted my abilities at first because I didn’t think that I would be able to do it but I did it and I am pretty satisfied with it. I think that I am going to work with this more with that black and white values and see where it takes me and what I get out of it. I am excited for more paintings like this 🙂


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