Metamorphosis: Part 2 

After about two and a half weeks I would now like to share the results of my installation piece, Metamorphosis. I really enjoyed going to the art building everyday and seeing how the piece was affected. A lot of people took the time to decorate the butterflies in patterns and colors. Even writing inspiring and encourage words. Some of the butterflies that were not attached to the wall were taken. That’s ok though because I wanted to see how people would react to the piece.

Not all of the butterflies are drawn on yet which is ok because I’m going to leave the piece up until the last week of school. Hopefully there will be a few more colored in by then. I just wanted to show some of the butterflies that people took time decorate. Someone even took the time to spray paint one and put it back on the wall. I feel like overall this project was a success because people did take time to interact with this piece.

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