MFA Exhibition

Opening Reception: Mélange

Mélange: MFA Exhibition featuring Annmarie E. Holler and Éva Polizzi
When: Saturday, May 7, 2016, 5-7pm
Where: Mahady Gallery, Shields Center for Visual Arts
Display Hours: 10 AM – 3 PM, Monday – Friday
Cost: FREE and open to the public

Staircase in SorrentoThis Graduate exhibition features Master of Fine Arts thesis work of Annmarie E. Holler (painting) and Éva Polizzi (clay). The opening reception will be held in the Mahady Gallery on Saturday May 7 from 5-7PM. I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a large scale painting in front of me, I am automatically impressed and in awe of its vast size. Marywood alum Annmarie E. Holler will have large scale acrylic paintings on display with emphasis on line and color. She works in a large scale to create emotion out of the viewer not only by her skill but specifically her size. In addition, what I thought was interesting was how she attempts to take her viewers to a new place through her surrealistic characteristics in her style.

Eva Polizzi is from Clark Summit PA, and specializes in sculpture and clay. Her attention to detail is astounding, using a delicate eye, and she uses a technique called “stitched clay” where she creates her pieces to look worn, or torn. Her pieces vary here and there in style, but stay consistent through her line work and color. As an artist, she uses her abilities to depict how she grew up from a different country, and where she got where she is today.

I think this MFA exhibition will be truly amazing to experience. I say experience instead of “see” because I believe these two different artists can transport their viewers throughout their vast styles and mediums. I without a doubt believe that this show will be one of a kind, and a show to go check out!

For more information see the Marywood Galleries page for details.

Images courtesy of Marywood University 

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