Morning Inspirations

Each morning before I start my day, I try my best to go for a walk or a quick jog around the neighborhood. I live near a beach so sometimes I head down there and rest for a while. Breathe in, breathe out, and just rest for a while. It’s nice, it’s calm, it’s relaxing. Some days, most days it’s inspiring.

For the past 2 days we’ve been experiencing a tropical storm which means a lot of rain, some thunder, and lightening. Even that can be inspiring! The sound of the rain and heavy winds. That may sound crazy, I know! But I believe we can find inspiration in anything. Art is all around us and I think that anyone can see it especially when they’re inspired.

So walking around your neighborhood, sitting on the beach, or listening to rain may not be your thing but I urge you to figure out what “your thing” is. What is it that inspires you? Once you find out, hopefully you can inspire someone else around you to do the same!

4 thoughts on “Morning Inspirations

  1. I find the sounds of rain most soothing. In Mumbai, monsoon sometimes turns into bucketfuls of water being poured from the sky and causes traffic to come to a standstill. Nevertheless, it is one of the most awaited seasons. In fact, I’ve known people to visit the city just to experience the monsoon. You should come by sometime.

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