Multicultural Art Therapy

Multicultural Art Therapy is essential when working with clients, especially in family therapy. When working with any group or population, the therapist should have a decent understanding of the culture, religion, and socioeconomic status of the clients because these factors will influence family dynamics, as well as what will be drawn.

In certain cultures, children will copy other artists or pictures rather than use their imagination to spontaneously create an image. Understanding different cultures is also important because certain things that we may do in our culture could be considered offensive or rude in another culture.

Art therapy, or any other expressive art therapy, is powerful because unlike other therapies there is no language barrier. The art can speak for the client. This is important because if an art therapist travels to a different country as part of a group to give aid and they do not speak the language well, they can still practice and help. Because art therapy does not necessarily require a language, even though speaking the same language would be extremely helpful, coupled with an art therapist understanding of a culture can help build a rapport between the client and therapist. By understanding a client’s culture, the therapist is more likely to have no prejudices and be able to be more genuine.

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