Multiple Angels

Hello everyone! In my Lighting and Composition class we were assigned a project called Multiple Angles. The goal of this project was to photograph a person and capturing them at different angles and making it abstract. But it had to be captured outside using natural lighting. I was lucky enough to capture three people, one female and two males. This was really great because each person was different and unique and the end results were amazing.

The first person I captured was Jenna.

All the images were converted into black and white because it made it more dramatic and detailed. And it made it as if each person photographed had a story behind them. For Jenna, I focused on her face more and some little features she had, like Jewelry. The natural lighting truly lit up her face and showed all the little details to her face and eyes and the unique shadows. Jenna four is interesting because not only did I capture her face in half but the lighting and how she was standing created a Rembrandt lighting. Rembrandt lighting is a dramatic lighting, using a single light creating a single triangle underneath the subject eye.

The second person I captured was Ricky.

For Ricky, again I wanted to capture the detail in the face in multiple angles. Capturing the eyes and the face structure. In Ricky six, the photograph shows a great side profile. Showing all the features including the ear, hair, eyes and the structure of his nose and jaw. What’s interesting in Ricky five, is that I did the same thing capturing half of his face but for him theres no Rembrandt lighting. A funny thing when looking through the images is if you look closely in the eyes you can see the reflection of me!

The third and last person I captured is Ian.

When looking through Ian’s I hope you enjoy the hair as I did. When capturing him, I was paying attention to his hair. Throughout these images, his hair frames Ians face in beautiful ways. My favorite is Ian five because you have his face in the middle and his hair just framing it leaving no space around him. If you look at images one and two, you can see the Rembrandt lighting once again.

Overall, I love how these images came out. When looking through these images you can tell how everyone’s different. I captured them all the same way and each person had a unique detail to them all. Again, making these images black and white shows more detail and it feels like they tell a story!

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