While I was on vacation this summer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we played a few rounds of miniature golf, which I love to do. While playing at Mt. Atlanticus, I noticed this really weird but cool art work on the walls. I really love how mini golf places put in so much work into look so cool and intense while also being really fun.

I never seen art like this at a mini golf place so I was quite surprised. It looks to fun and looking at every figure individually just makes this mural so much more interesting. I wonder what went through the artist head while painting this. The middle guy with the sun glasses is just so funny to look at and then on the other side there is some alien stuff happened. Its so random and made us laugh.

This place also had imprint of huge feet directing everyone where to go. It was just a nice touch that made this place so fun to go through. I wish more places would put in this much effort for their customers.

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