My First Gallery Show!

Hey all!

I hope your week has been great, mine has been busy as I have been setting up my first gallery show in my fieldwork along with Anna Pidgeon, a fellow blogger here!

Setting up a gallery is fun, getting able to dive into it and flesh out what we want to show and the reasoning behind it, I can’t wait for it to go up! But for this blog I wanted to detail what I have done so far, as it has a lot to do with what Arts Administration students aim for in their future career paths.

Essentially, it starts with brainstorming, as most things do, finding out what you want the work to convey, how it will do this and then how the viewers will experience the show. This was one of the more fun parts of the process, as Anna and I brainstormed separately, fleshing out our ideas before bringing them together and deciding what we wanted to work towards.

Once we had our ideas down we walked through the gallery storage, looking at pieces that generally suited our idea, gathering them all before narrowing it down and checking to see that we were satisfied with it. Thankfully, we were, which led to the next and not so fun part, where we picked out the books on the artists we were working with and sat down to read them.

Though this part isn’t as fun it is just as important, there needs to be supporting pieces for the works, allowing the viewers to fully understand what they are looking at.

There is still much to be done, and the rest of the process will be to put the pieces together and make it into an actual gallery! So, if you can, stop by and see it when it’s up!

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