My Last Post

This week is my last post for Where Creativity Works. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to share my experiences with everyone anymore. Although, I couldn’t be happier to of had this opportunity in the first place almost two years ago!

I have already talked about my future plans in a past blog post a couple weeks ago, and in the past week nothing has happened besides writing paper after paper, so why not talk about what I want to do for graduation this spring. The best part about graduation is decorating your cap, at least in my opinion. I want it to mean something and have my artistic touch on it so I looked into some examples on Pinterest. I am not sure what theme it will have yet. Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life, my mom and I always sit down and watch them on weekends I am home. Its a nice bonding experience and it never gets old. Then, there is Gilmore Girls. I have watched this series as much as Harry Potter and me and my mom also bonding over this.

These are only a couple that I have saved. I love how these caps came out and I cant wait to put my own spin on them. Next semester my roommate and I plan on working on our caps so hopefully by then I will know what i will be doing!

Again, I am so happy to had this opportunity and I wish the next blogger luck!


Gilmore Girls Graduation Cap:

Harry Potter Graduation Cap:

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