My Must Sees (Maslow Edition)

For the second installment of covering each Marywood Art Gallery, I’m covering the Maslow Gallery. It is the more intimate gallery within the same general area as the Mahady but still overflowing with artwork. While the Maslow wasn’t the primary focus on the opening the other week, the art within it is just as important as the Mahady. The correlation between the artists found in the Mahady Gallery and the Maslow Gallery was done purposely to further highlight the works of Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. What interests me with the 10 works in the Maslow, is the use of layering and the illusion of multiple materials being used. 

Typically, I’m someone who leans more towards minimalism but following my intuition makes me more open minded to anything. Amongst my favorites, I did notice that I gravitated towards the ones that featured collage or more crowded compositions. It’s interesting to note the ‘theme’ in layering across two very different artists who specialized in different art movements. There is a cohesiveness in seeing the work of Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg within the same room together. As more contemporary artists, the influence that nationalism played in both their careers is a connection I made while doing my own research. Jasper Johns with his American flags and Robert Rauschenberg with screenprints. These artists were not immune to political commentary within their work.

Below are my top four favorite works that you have access to in the Maslow gallery, in no particular order.

Alphabet (1969), Jasper Johns, lithograph
Signs (1970), Robert Rauschenberg, screenprint
Hotshot (1983), Robert Rauschenberg, lithograph and collage

Bellini #2, (1987), Robert Rauschenberg, 11-color intaglio print

As a reminder, on Monday October 2nd at 2pm is the gallery talk (in the Suraci Gallery) for The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Stephen Garrison. Even if you miss the talk, you can visit the exhibition now through the end of October OR wait for my article on my favorites coming out the same week!

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