My Thoughts on Ireland…

My trip is over but my experiences are still going. I saw the Book Of Kells at the Trinity College Library, the piece of artwork I researched for this class. I had such high expectations but was unfortunately let down. The book was under glass, of course, but it did not seem as magical as I was prepared for it to be. Even the rest of my classmates were let down, somehow my presentation was better than the real thing. The page it was on was also not as heavily decorated compared to the pages I researched so maybe that was why I wasn’t impressed. I was also not allowed to take photos which was a disappointment.

I did however fall in love with all of the ruins. My favorite attraction being Newgrange. I could also not take photos in the inside but the outside was gorgeous, especially the huge carved stones.

Oscar Wilde

Then there was this beautifully high detailed sculpture in a Dublin park of Oscar Wilde. The artist who made this was highly influenced by Greek and Roman art which is probably why this was so detailed. The artist even collected different types and colors of marble to make this sculpture. I honestly thought that this sculpture had real shoes on until I realized that it was made out of stone and marble.

There was so much more artwork and architecture that we explored during our trip but it would take forever to write about them all in detail. This trip was amazing and I would love to come back again some time. I don’t think many people of the arts think about going here to see some artwork but I think if more people did they would really be amazed!

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