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Since it is one of my last weekends in Florida, I decided to go see a few places I have been wanting to get to. Naples, FL, is a beautiful area, and is where I currently work. I usually make the ride down, and go right to work, but never explore anymore than my cubicle. So exploring Naples was overdue.

Tin City is one of the cutest areas to go to as a tourist. You get a little bit of everything. What I LOVED about this trip was the Naples Soap Company. When I travel around, I love to look at the design styles companies use. To me, the way a product is designed is what usually attracts the customers.

As I get closer to graduation, I realize how I am recognizing these design aspects, more and more. Finding the perfect job after you graduate, takes a lot of exploring. When I enter shops, my mind explores the aspects of the shop, whether its colors, textures, or typography, something about the brand always catches your eye. As a designer you have to get viewers attention and keep it. That’s what I love about what I do.

Traveling from store to store I am always looking at inspiration, and figuring how they attract their customers. The Naples Soap Company, is a bright and fun shop. Not only do their amazing smells bring you in, their light, fun colored decor and beautiful packaging can catch anyones eye.

Here are some of their beautiful soaps and products:

Are they not the cutest and happiest little shop? Their typography and use of color just puts a smile on my face, and the fact that it all smells so yummy, makes it even more amazing. If you’re ever in the area I recommend you check out Naples Soap Company and all the treasures Tin City has to offer.

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