Hey everyone, this week I wanted to highlight a show opening that I actually had the chance to be a part of. Located in Narrowsburg, NY (literally right near the PA border), the Narrowsburg Union resides in a quaint little town filled with lots of history and small shops. The opening reception was this past Saturday, January 25th, and I was able to drop in for a half hour to find my work and look at the work of other students.

I was one of two college students that submitted work (I believe the other student goes to SUNY) and the rest of the work coming from younger students. Students were only allowed to submit pencil drawings (color or b&w) and there were size requirements as well since the Union framed all the submissions (it was nice to not have to worry about framing my own work). I submitted two pieces and the Union hung my work titled “Lanterns” (shown below) and the whole idea behind the show was reinforcing the joy that comes from creating works of art (hence the use of quotes from both very famous artists and those who are more to our area).

All of the student works are hung in a series of hallways. The Union’s hanging system, I thought, is very efficient and a man I was talking to (who worked the opening) mentioned that the Union wanted all the works to be hung level with each other and the same type of frame was used for every piece. That system does a nice job of ensuring that the show is first and foremost about the students and their work instead of being distracted by different types of frames or works hanging at different heights than others. Also shown below is the use of quotes about art making placed next to the student work.

I hope you guys can go check this show out. It’s running until February 29th and I’ve included a link to the Union’s event page ( for directions. The page also includes a list of the student artists involved as well as names for the quotes used by professional artists both famous and local. Have a great week, everyone! (also, special thanks to my photo teacher, Sam Olfano, for telling me to submit work for this show!)

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