NatGeo: Storytelling For Impact

Hello everyone! If you love National Geographic (like me!) then this free program is perfect! This storytelling course is taught by real National Geographic Photographers, Videographers, and visual designers. Just starting the course reminds me of doing classes online. They have you read and watch informational things, and in some of the lessons, they have you answer questions about what you thought of a photograph or an article. You can also read and comment on other people’s input. While looking through they encourage you to actually go out and photograph and submit them for other people to see and comment.

Home page of the website

For the Photography course, they have three sessions. The first session is Storytelling through Photography, the second is Create your photography story, and the last session is reflect and share. I am currently in the first lesson.

I am from poem

One of the assignments I had to do was make a poem called “I am from.” They gave me a template of what to write and the rest was up to me to fill in the blanks. I got to see other people’s poems as well, and it was interesting and wonderful to see what other people from different states and different countries wrote.

I am very excited to continue and learn more about storytelling. I will definitely keep updating and share interesting information and my work I have done for this course.

If you are interested in doing this here is the link:

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