Nature Sketches

With spring almost coming to an end and summer approaching the flowers everywhere are in full bloom. I decided to take advantage of that and do some flower and nature studies outside.

flower sketchesBeing outside drawing under the sun has no comparison. You are able to immerse yourself into the environment of what you are drawing. So far for my drawings I just did pencil, then pen sketches, then will be adding either watercolor or colored pencil to further develop the piece with color. The natural beauty of flowers is all about the color. Purple pansies, pictured above, have a beautiful color combination of purple, yellow, and specs of white.

My favorite part about flower art is that all those colors appear naturally and it’s always a fun challenge to copy the colors exactly to full comprehend the color and the natural pairings made in nature.

Perhaps my next challenge in nature will be birds. Likewise to flowers, the feathers of birds are beautiful colors.

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