Hello everyone! I am writing this time to say something about an incredible group who is devoted to creativity and It’s benefits. Neurosalon is based on a team who’s research has found that our ability to learn and change restricts with age. The information is available on their website, but what I learned from reading about this research is that our brains become used to functioning a certain way the longer we live. These researchers know that creativity can combat this, creating new neural pathways in the brain.

The art featured in their gallery is really something. All of these artworks connect to the theme of unleashing your creativity and embracing the inner youth inside us.

With a slogan like “Building Creativity”, it’s no secret that their mission is to inspire. This project intends to “create an aesthetic experience that inspires people to tap into their uniquely creative selves.” I think that this project has many benefits, and I’m obviously a fan of being told art has neurological benefit, but I think these people are really onto something. The brain is a complex thing that thrives on new information, and if creativity can prolong that curiosity, then the benefits could be endless.

As always, I highly recommend checking out this Neurosalon website for yourselves, and encourage you all to embrace this message. You don’t have to paint or sketch, creativity can be playing music, or folding paper. Go out and expand your minds!

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