New Piece

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the butterfly release and how I started sketching butterflies again. Well this week all I could think about was drawing butterflies again. I drew a couple of sketches at work on my down time and I now want to make it into a charcoal piece on grey paper like I did before. I decided to take the butterfly from the photo I took and set it on a branch with some flowers. I had to draw the butterfly on something other then a hand since to me drawing hands is a pain. I started the piece but it is going to take be awhile especially when I’m busy every day with work, family, and friends. I also want to make sure I get all the shading correct especially with the flowers. I basically did quick marks with my pencil to make flowers. I do want to see what kind of flowers attract butterflies before I start putting in details to I can make sure I position then correctly. I am a bit of a perfectionist when I draw in charcoal. When I wood burn it is sometimes hard to control the tool but then again I am not completely comfortable with it yet. I’m just hoping that I can still draw like I use to. I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress!

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