New Semester

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well. This past week was my first week back to school for the spring semester of 2021. It’s crazy to me because I’m almost done with my college career, I only have one year left. And I know that year is going to fly by!

Most of the week was just introductions to the classes I’m taking so I don’t have any project photographs to share yet this week. This semester I am only taking one photography class. So I will be sharing my progress through that class as well as my other art classes such as three-demential design and a basic print making class.

I have gotten the first assignments for each of those classes. I’m working the ideas through my head so I have a definite plan. I’ll share my progress/complete project next week! Since I don’t have any photographs to share pertaining to my classes so far, I’ll share a couple that I recently took.

That’s all for this week! Stay safe and healthy. I’ll talk to you all next week!

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