New Semester From Home

Here we are at the beginning of yet another semester in the covid era and, like all of you, I am over it. Being a painting major from home is incredibly difficult, being any sort of art major that relies on physical access to a studio, is very very VERY difficult. And after nearly 3 semesters of virtual learning I have found my motivation is pretty much shot. BUT, nevertheless, we must persist! I thought with this post I would like to share some helpful tips to keep on top of all your assignments and artwork (partly because I think its helpful to share and mainly because I gotta remind myself too!)

  1. Keep with your regular schedule! I’ve found the best thing to stay on top of your work is to treat everyday as if it were a regular school day (just in your pj’s!). In other words, paint on the days that you’re scheduled to paint for as long as you’re class is scheduled, for me, I’m still painting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for at least three hours (usually not starting quite as early as 9am because I’m not a sociopath!) Sometimes I get a later start, but I get my 3 hours in!
  2. Get yourself a to-do list, or a calendar, or an alarm on your phone to keep on top of all your lame non-art classes because those suckers are the DEVIL so get them out of the way first!! The bane of my existence was math last semester, but I’m not gonna get into that because I don’t want to punch my computer screen again! The point I’m tryna to make is to all have a reminder hanging around your work space that you can see. For me, I write out to-do lists and then when I complete an assignment on that list I take a big ole red sharpie and cross that sucker off, and I cannot express enough how satisfying that is! I imagine its the same kinda thrill people get when they conquer like, a small city-state, but of course we don’t condone that type of behavior but its still fun to pretend!
  3. Finally, always remember that its all mind over matter! If you find yourself waking up in the morning NOT feeling like painting JUST GET UP AND PAINT ANYWAY!!! Ya just gotta do it no matter your mood, shake off them cob webs and get that paintbrush brushing!

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