Not Enough Summer Light

As you are reading this, Summer 1 session here at Marywood is ending. This summer I took Italian 1 and Meteorology. Both were great classes, but learning another language is a lot more challenging than I thought! I seem to spend more hours studying than I did any other course, but the rewards are worth it. Dr. Costanzi is an amazing teacher, she is so helpful, and will go that extra mile to help. The extra time spent studying has cut into my photography shooting time, so I haven’t gone out and shot as much as I wanted too.

Photography majors are required to take some science classes as part of the liberal arts core at Marywood, so I choose Meteorology. I figured if I am going to be taking pictures outdoors, I better be able to know how to plan future shoots, and know what kind of light I will be having.

The Meteorology (that is a hard word to say and spell) class was fun! Our local weather guy on ABC WNEP 16, Joe Snedeker, teaches the class. This guy made learning so much fun! He even gave us a tour of the weather station that he and Tom Clark broadcast the weather from, we even got to see a live broadcast. Here are some of the pictures from the tour.

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