Observing Brilliance

Given that I am currently in my third year of college (yikes!), this week has been spent as one of reflection. Just looking back at my progress, what I’ve learned and most importantly the person I have become in that time. Something I am particularly grateful for is the amount I have learned outside of campus. As an Education major, of any kind, we are really fortunate to have the opportunity to get out in the world and see how professional teachers run a classroom.

One particular instance that comes to mind, given this topic, is my very first day of observation. I was assigned to a local high school, of course with their Art teacher. Ok, no problem, it’s a little scary but I can handle it, of course………umm not so much. I walked into that building and immediately thought ” oh no, these kids are going to eat me alive.” What was my next thought you ask? It went something like this, “wait……kids? I am a Freshman!” I was in their shoes mere months prior. After I allowed myself a little time to panic, I decided I could do this. Confidence is key. I met the teacher, talked with students and eventually finished my first observation at the end of the semester. It was a relief and a huge accomplishment. No matter what it is, when you try something for the first time you somehow feel so small; like you are going to be swallowed up in this great big world. However, you never know what may come of it. During that first observation, I met one of our very own bloggers Matthew Shamnoski, and the rest his history!

Now, as my observations are slowly coming to a close, I think of that first day and all that I have experienced since then. I am currently on my 5th placement ( I survived! ).  I look back at all of the teachers and students that I had the absolute pleasure of working with. Hearing “Miss Sam” every week was so satisfying. These students, for as young as they are, are so unbelievable. They display confidence, kindness, intelligence, and creativity on a scale I have not seem from some adults! From pre-school to high school, these students never ceased to amaze me. One day they will open peoples’ eyes to a whole new world of opportunities. They don’t know it yet, but I have seen it. There is not a doubt in my mind, these creative minds will make a difference.

Any questions about Art or Art Education? Write me. I would be happy to to talk with you. Be sure to follow my post for next week as I introduce you to my very first Art student! Until next time artists.

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